Visions 2014 Host Open


The Indepentant Study of the Century

The American University School of Communications Visions film festival is an annual awards ceremony in late spring/early summer. Hosted by oscar award winning sound designer, Russell Williams II and award winning environmental filmmaker, Chris Palmer, The festival honors American University students, faculty, and alumni by offering competitive award.

I was given the opportunity to create the Visions Host Open in 2014 after the previous creator graduated. I had large shoes to fill, because the 2013 open contained 2001 a space odyssey, lord of the rings, and the godfather.

I decided to composite Chris and Russell into their own movies. Russell on an oscar for his sound work in Dances with Wolves, and Chris won environmental documentary awards for his IMAX film, Wolves. Taking "wolves" as a connection, I decided to tie them together and the host open was born.

I completed every step of the project from script and directing, to shooting and compositing.

Check out a side by side breakdown of the project below: