Visions 2015 Host Open


It all started when...

The American University School of Communications Visions film festival is an annual awards ceremony in late spring/early summer. Hosted by oscar award winning sound designer, Russell Williams II and award winning environmental filmmaker, Chris Palmer, The festival honors American University students, faculty, and alumni by offering competitive award.

A legacy of the presentation is a cold open, featuring the hosts integrated into existing movies. After deciding to go bigger and better this year, I decided to make a 5 minute long intro as opposed to the 2 I completed last year.  While originally this was a two person project, after some unforseen circumstances I had to complete it by myself in only a few months.

I completed every step of this project from movie choice and script to directing, filming, and compositing. It was a great challenge and I think the end result speaks for itself.

A full Before/After Breakdown of the project is below.