Clawed’s Gift – American University Holiday Video 2014


The Bronze telly Award Winning video

As a member of the American University Video Department, I had the opportunity to work on their holiday card in 2014. We were tasked with creating a narrative video about Clawed (AU’s Mascot) enjoying the student body’s company, but becoming lonely when they leave for winter break. We were given only a short time to make everything come together.

My main role for this project was in post production and VFX. I tracked the the main title card and created the Particular fade off.

There were a number of shots with signs that needed to be partially or completely replaced such as the Political Perk Cookie Break sign and the Filming in Progress sign.

I created clean video plates for the sequences where Clawed is alone on campus. They were shot while classes were still in session. I also composited many elements into shots to give a holiday mood like glows onto the street lights or birds into the sky.

We had shot in RAW so for many of the outdoor shots I matted the sky and brought back blown out sky detail.

I applied localized color correction to preserve details, certain elements or remapped problem colors to a more appropriate hue.

Finally, I helped create the Facebook-eske iPad UI seen at the end of the video.
On set my role was as a Grip, Assistant Camera, and Production Assistant. I assisted in lighting shots, and capturing using the RED Epic Dragon in 4K. I also assisted in set design.