Futbol Forward - Nissan


Feeling like winning the World Cup

I was brought on to assist on Nissan’s Futbol Forward campaign. In addition to animating the title, I helped make many of the live action holograms! I contributed to 2-3 of the pieces in the campaign.

The above piece shows the most of my contributions. The beginning of each video has a hologram of a soccer ball being created. The plate was a ball rolling into frame, so in addition to painting it out and match-moving, I had to figure out out how to get it to appear! The brief wanted blade-runner-esque solid graphics, so having the ball’s geometric sections appear individually and act as a matte for the actual ball to be revealed was the best outcome.

In addition, I was responsible for designing and animating the “road” which the car is “driving” on. I used 3D cards within AE and then matched the camera to make it easy to implement and modify. The trees, while similar, are a rig that alternates between multiple tree variations!

Some of the other spots are highlighted below.