2015 IMG Holiday Card

If the above embed isn't working follow the link here: http://interfacemedia.com/HolidayCard2015/



I was tasked with assisting Interface Media Group with the creation of their holiday card. While they had originally just wanted to create the timelapse of posting holiday notes on the wall, I believed the video could be much more.

During the post it event, a colleague and I used our phones to capture 4K footage of everyone getting into the holiday spirit (Amazing what phones can do nowadays). We then edited this phone into the video you see here. I graded the footage to be consistent, applied graphic filters to improve quality, and finally graded the footage to give a warm holiday cheer. In addition, I worked with the print designer to give the motion graphic elements and end cards a consistent brand theme.

In addition, I pitched the idea of an accompanying website to highlight the individual notes and share a personal touch. I made a quick prototype using fancybox and six notes, as well as a video image. As the prototype grew, I was tasked with digitizing each post-it note in the video; all ~300 of them. Instead of scanning them and cropping each one in photoshop, I used a locked down camera to photograph each note in the same position, then created a batch photoshop action to crop, compress, resize, and make a thumbnail for each photo.

With help, I was able to caption each photo and insert them into the page to create what you see above.

Finally, I worked with the Interface Media Group Digital Media team to incorporate their branding elements into the site and integrate it into their site's CMS.